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Monday, 1 February 2016

Going Down to the River / Up to the Boss.

And lo, an overachiever spent all day making request signs for when Bruce rolls in to Toronto on February 2nd. Its not so much the artistry, as the obsessive flip-flopping on what specific songs to request: sure he'll definitely play Thunder Road, so there's no point making a sign for that...but what if he doesn't? They're playing The River in its entirety which might not leave time for more than one song per other album, and if that were the case, wouldn't it be Born to Run? Heaven forbid its Night, or She's the One. He hasn't played Jungleland all tour, and its ten minutes long, but its such a cool song, and I'd feel cool holding that sign if I were my sister...way cooler than my punning Bobby Jean pictogram, which looks like it may or may not have been drawn by a depressive child (face it - it was, but that's My Song and therefore My Sign). MVP is Tougher Than The Rest - because there's only one way to make the cheesiest song look cool, and that's with hot pink bristol board and block letters. Rock on Bruce.

And Janice, who will have to hold that for me.

Does everyone get this stressed out when attending a concert? Perhaps I need to find another outlet for my mad perfectionism.

Stamp collecting?