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Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Daily Show Was Awesome on Thursday!


Seriously! On Thursday! Like...better than Jon Stewart really really good.

I have serious anxiety regarding the state of news today, and the fact that we all live in a self-imposed facebook bubble of news articles and opinions, whose sole qualifying feature is that they align with our own slanted view of the world.

Trevor Noah and co. more or less solved this by simply bringing the most popular purveyor of toxic right wing rhetoric into to the open. Not that she was an official guest on the show, but Tomi (ryhmes with "Nomi" because God has a smug sense of humour too) was shown in clips, (and Trevor inserted to her vitriol via CGI). The simple act of showing this second rate "news" personality alongside actual production values and a poised, charismatic host was the equivalent of seeing the Emperor undressed.

Which brings me to the conclusion that these facebook people- liberal, conservative and crazy, just need to get together in the same room, with Trevor Noah politely moderating, so that they, and their audience can see how deeply unworthy they are of their audience and the medium that brought it to them.

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